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Te Kura Kaupapa School

For the 66 students of Te Kura Kaupapa Lothuhake O Tawhiuau located in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, partnership with Grand Circle Foundation brought access to the internet through the donation of laptops. The modus operandi of the school focused on the active engagement of the families of pupils and as such they ran computer,… Read more »

Orfanotrofio Antoniano Femminile

The Orphanage has given shelter to orphaned children since 1930. The Orphanage also hosts mothers with children who are in difficulties needing shelter while the mother is given help to find a job to become independent. They now host 8 children from 5 month to 5 years old, 14 girls from 6 years to 19… Read more »

SAR (search and rescue) team Grindavik

In Iceland there is no army or National Guard so in an emergency, the people who are called, are SAR. SAR is an all volunteer organization providing vital public services to local communities – such as sea and mountain rescues, unblocking roads due to ice and snow, providing safety education to children and more. In… Read more »

Rebuild Dubrovnik Fund

The ancient walled city of Dubrovnik was termed the jewel of the Adriatic by England’s Lord Byron.  To help in the reconstruction efforts by the international community, Grand Circle Foundation donated to the Rebuild Dubrovnik Fund. The Rebuild Dubrovnik Fund was the first non-profit organization to bring together travel and preservation groups to serve a… Read more »

Hacibektas area schools

One of the first projects that GCF funded was the expansion of the kitchen used to prepare meals for the students, since the existing kitchen was not large enough to accommodate their needs.  With an investment of $16,500 the kitchen was made large enough to not only provide daily lunches for the schoolchildren, but also… Read more »

Myin Ka Primary School

Myin Ka is a small village of about 500 people situated in the valley 2 miles away from Kalaw, Northern Shan State. The villagers are the highlanders called Taung Yoe Tribe. They live on farming different vegetables: cabbage, chayote, paddy, cauliflowers and squash. Travelers visit this village to experience the way of life of the… Read more »

Kia Luang Village

Ban Kia Luang or Village is located in the middle of North Luang Prabang Valley. The villagers farm and raise livestock for daily food and to sell. The community is split between Laoloum and Hmong hill tribal people. The women of this village have a special weaving skill, producing local silk products by hand, the… Read more »

Kia Luang School

Kia Luang School is located in the middle of Kia Luang Village. There are only 2 classrooms for Grade 1 and 2, total 40 students who are children from Laoloum and Hmong families and educated by only one teacher Mrs.Sinkham. GCF has supported the school by purchasing 18 sets of tables and chairs for classroom,… Read more »

Earthquake and Tsunami Relief

For nearly half a century, the Ashinaga Movement has striven to support orphaned students through education and engender yasashisa (優しさ), or compassion, across Japan. At 2:46 PM on March 11th 2011, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck the northeastern coast of Japan, causing a major tsunami, vast damage to the Tohoku region, and nearly 16,000 deaths…. Read more »

Clair Sisters of Carmona

The monastery plays a very important role in this small city outside Sevilla.  Where for centuries the charitable work to the population carried out by the nuns who run this small convent has helped support their community. The nuns now number only 11, but they offer their community a place of refuge, shelter, spiritual advice… Read more »