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“En geveze kuş ümittir. Kalbimizde hiç susmaz.”
(The most talkative bird is hope. It never stops in our hearts.)
~ Turkish proverb

Read more on our support for Turkey’s earthquake victims here.

Dear friends,

We are nearing the close of a life-changing year here at Grand Circle Foundation. We are all still feeling the loss of our founder, Alan Lewis. But we also know that the best way to honor Alan’s legacy is to keep moving forward with Grand Circle’s mission of changing people’s lives.

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By bringing cultures together and teaching us about our shared humanity, travel has the power to change the world, one school, one village, one person at a time. When determining how we can help the people, schools and communities we visit, we always ask for the wisdom of local leadership and the involvement of the community to ensure we are providing what is needed. We currently support 109 schools and organizations in 59 countries.


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