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An Update from our partner – Himalayan Trust Nepal

“Our children have eyes, but they are blind and cannot see. We would like you to open their eyes by building a school in our village”. – The Sherpa of Nepal

And so began the lifelong work of Sir Edmund Hillary to build schools, hospitals and health clinics across the foothills of Everest.

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Helping bring water to Eluway Primary School and the Maasai community in the heart of Tarangire.

“The water can only flow thanks to the well.” – African proverb

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to the world we travel

By bringing cultures together and teaching us about our shared humanity, travel has the power to change the world, one school, one village, one person at a time. When determining how we can help the people, schools and communities we visit, we always ask for the wisdom of local leadership and the involvement of the community to ensure we are providing what is needed. We currently support 109 schools and organizations in 59 countries.


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