What We Do


At Grand Circle Foundation, we are traveling for change.

WAter, Sanitation, Hygiene (WASH)

Ensuring all schools and communities we visit have an adequate supply of clean water and toilets that meet or exceed local standards


Joining together with school leaders and parent committees to enhance educational resources – ranging from books and chalk to scholarships and classroom construction

Community Development

Establishing the means for women and village leaders to create sustainable changes in their communities to become economically self-sufficient

Renewable Energy

Working to provide solar powered electricity in schools and communities and individual solar lights for students


Partnering with Indigenous groups to preserve and revive traditional culture and knowledge culture and knowledge, and to protect their lands through renewable energy and sustainable resources


Collaborating with strong leaders of conservation organizations to conserve land, preserve natural resources, and advocate for stewardship of the environment

Historic Preservation

Supporting the preservation, conservation and protection of monuments, buildings and artifacts of historical significance


Providing support to communities impacted by natural disasters