Relief. Supporting communities in the immediate aftermath of natural and man-made disasters when local governments cannot adequately provide basic needs in a timely manner.

Since 1994, Grand Circle Foundation has supported relief efforts to countries impacted by natural disasters where local governments struggle to quickly meet local needs.

In 2022 we also began providing relief for people impacted by wars – those in Ukraine and Israel.

The devastating earthquake in Nepal in 2015 taught us the quickest way to help is to reach out to our partners and regional associates in the impacted country to identify local organizations with strong leaders to support. When disaster strikes, local community organizations provide immediate relief without a lot of red tape.


Following our model, when earthquakes struck  in Turkey and Morocco, we wired funds to our regional leaders who purchased food, tents, clothing, bedding and hygiene items in the days immediately following the quakes.

After we provide funds to local organizations identified by our regional associates, and  then work with our long-term partner organizations such as Wine to Water and the Joint Distribution Committee to provide ongoing, larger scale support.


Relief Stories

Ukraine Refugee Relief

Our partner in Poland receives UNHCR Nansen Refugee Award

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Turkey Earthquake Relief

February 6th, 2023 saw Turkey and neighboring Syria rocked by 7.8 earthquakes, destroying towns and killing thousands.

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