In the wake of the devastating 7.8 earthquake in 2015, Grand Circle travelers and associates came together to fund Grand Circle Foundation’s relief efforts.

We identified and continue to work with 5 organizations in Nepal:  Himalayan Trust Foundation, Nepal Orthopedic Hospital, Yeti Foundation, Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness and 7 Summits Women.

With the help of these organizations, we have rebuilt homes, schools and toilets and delivered over 2000 water filtration systems and 1000 solar lanterns to date.

We have also funded the purchase of necessary medical equipment at the Nepal Orthopedic Hospital, which continues to provide care at little to no cost.

And we continue to support our long term partner, The Himalayan Trust Foundation, to rebuild schools, and provide clean water and toilets.

2 years after the earthquake, a group of Boston associates met with the leaders of the organizations we supported and helped in the local village. It was a life changing trip for everyone involved.