Monday, February 6th saw Turkey and neighboring Syria rocked by 7.8 earthquakes, destroying towns and killing thousands.

Our regional leadership in Istanbul quickly jumped into action to deliver water, food staples, warm clothing and medical supplies.

We are also collaborating with two trusted partners whom we have worked with on relief efforts in Ukraine. Our old friend, Doc Hendley of Wine to Water, is no stranger to getting water to troubled areas. He already has a team in Turkey working on large and small scale filtration systems with a goal to help 50,000 people. If anyone can do it, it is Doc and we want to make sure he has the support he needs for success.

Our other friends at the Joint Distribution Committee have partnered with the Jewish Community of Turkey to provide immediate relief such as shelter, portable heating, winter clothes, food and medicine. JDC has more than 100 years of experience providing relief in some of the hardest places in the harshest of times.

The ongoing support has provided warm clothing as the weather turns cold and many people are still without a permanent home.

And as we look forward to helping people earn an income once again, sewing cooperatives are being set up in semipermanent tents.