Renewable Energy. Working to provide solar powered electricity in schools and communities and individual solar lights for students.

Grand Circle Foundation supports alternative energy sources, especially solar energy, as a way to reduce carbon emissions and dependency upon fossil fuels. When possible, schools we support add solar panels to provide an alternate source of electricity and reduce operating expenses.

In many communities, the solar lights we provide replace the need for kersosene, helping to reduce illness from the soot and smoke, and offer a chance for students to study at night, improving their chance for a better education.

Renewable Energy Stories

Bringing lights and water to India by partnering with Solar Village Project

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Study solar lights are donated to children in Karatu

376 solar study lights donated to Grade 7 students in Tanzania

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Alnoba is the first passive building of its size in New England

Geothermally heated, with electricity provided by fields of solar panels, Alnoba is a model of conservation and sustainability.

Colombia’s new energy system

The coffee grown in Colombia’s coffee region, considered among the best in the world, requires a considerable—and expensive—amount of water to grow properly. Solar power helps offset the cost.