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Coral Nursery Nurture Program

The Coral Nursey Program (CNP) optimizes reef coral propagation and planting techniques suited to the Great Barrier Reef.  The CNP in partnership with reef dive operators and supported by GCF will provide training in techniques to expand upon existing sustainable reef management activities. It encompasses both protection of sites where coral cover is good as… Read more »

Shkoza Community Center

On November 26, 2019 Albania was rocked by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake, killing 51 people, and leaving thousands with homes destroyed and uninhabitable. Homes, schools, hospitals, churches were destroyed or severely damaged. Josif Goga, VP Corporate Travel is originally from Albania, and with his help we were able to provide an initial donation of $10,000… Read more »

Phuoc Phuc Women’s Shelter

Since 2001, building contractor Tong Phuoc Phuc has devoted his life  to this small shelter, providing a home to expectant and single mothers.  GCF funds provided the support in 2020 to renovate bedrooms and bathrooms for both the women and the 18 orphans currently living there. Sadly, in Vietnam as in many other parts of… Read more »

Native American initiatives

“Treat the earth well. It was not given to you by your parents. It was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors.    We borrow it from our children.” ~ Native American Saying Support for Indigenous communities has long been a mainstay for Alan & Harriet but… Read more »

Sarayaku Kichwa Ecuadorian Amazonian community

In 2020 we were introduced to Patricia Gualinga and her tireless decades long defense of her community, deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon.  The pandemic, an oil spill and historic flooding all devastated the village of 1350 people.                 Grand Circle Foundation partnered with Amazon Watch to provide an… Read more »

Streets International

    Founded in 2007 and based in Hoi An, Vietnam, STREETS is a comprehensive and fully-supported 15-month culinary and hospitality training program. Disadvantaged and vulnerable youth living in poverty are chosen to participate in this no-cost program. Each Trainee participant is provided classroom instruction with hands-on experience in the culinary arts and/or hospitality services,… Read more »

Windhu Candra Budaya (Sudi Dance School)

The school was founded in 1998 by Mrs. and Mr. Ketut Sudirawan, two professional Balinese dancers, with great passion about the preservation of the Balinese culture, arts, and traditions. Together with 2 volunteer dance teachers, the school provides lessons in traditional Balinese dance and gamelan musical instrument for local and neighboring villages’ children aged between… Read more »

Invisible Cities – Scotland

Invisible Cities is a global social enterprise that trains people who have experienced homelessness to become walking tour guides of their own city. They offer alternative walking tours to locals and tourists alike to help them see the city differently. They give people a voice, when they haven’t had one before, putting them at the… Read more »

2020 Covid support

Covid-19 stopped the Costa Rican economy and families were unable to have their basic needs covered.  As tourism has stopped all over the world, communities have been affected, especially in countries such as Costa Rica, where the tourism industry represents 6.3% of gross national product (gp). Stopping tour operations, determines directly in the family’s income,… Read more »

My Son Sanctuary

My Son , is Vietnam’s most significant ruin from the ancient Champa Kingdom, which prospered from the second to 15th centuries. Nestled in an isolated valley overlooked by Hon Quap (Cat’s Tooth Mountain), My Son was established as a religious center in the fourth century. As part of a 5 year commitment to UNESCO, $100,000… Read more »