Month: April 2019

Combating climate change one tree at a time in Tanzania

Tanzania is home to one of the largest tree covers in the world, covering more than 118 million acres of land—larger than the entire state of California—and covering more than half of the country’s rugged landscape.  Forests help fuel the national economy and provide sanctuary for the country’s abundant wildlife, but these forests are at risk…. Read more »

Helping girls attend Secondary School in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s education reform in 1980 aspired to provide free and universal education to all children through the Zimbabwe Education Act; however, tuition fees and education costs have accumulated over time. Many families pay for tuition, even if it is a small fee at public government schools. 85% of children aged 6-12 attend primary school, but only 45% attend secondary school, and in rural… Read more »

Leaders We Admire: Matt O’Malia

Founder, OPAL, GO Logic, GO Lab, Belfast Maine Award-winning architect Matthew O’Malia has spent his career rethinking every detail of building construction, with an eye toward high performance, quality, and sustainability. The designer of Alnoba, the Lewis Family Foundation leadership center in Kensington, New Hampshire, he offers his thoughts on the future of architecture. Foundation:… Read more »

Leaders We Admire: Torrey Udall

Director of Development and Operations, Protect Our Winters, Boulder, Colorado Founded in 2007, Protect Our Winters helps to turn outdoor enthusiasts into advocates for solutions to climate change. Torrey Udall joined the organization in 2016 and shares how his small team can produce outsized results. Foundation: What is Protect Our Winters? Udall: Quite simply, our… Read more »

Society to Protect New Hampshire Forests

Over the years the Lewis Family Foundation developed a set of core tenets that help guide all our work – Be Mindful; Be Urgent; Be an Example; Be a Teacher; Be in the Fight. These core tenets are particularly important in our work in conservation and sustainability because they remind us that for all its… Read more »

Edith del Junco: Clean water for Zimbabwe

Edith del Junco first traveled with Grand Circle in 1998 at the age of 80 and went on to visit Zimbabwe on the Ultimate Africa tour 2 years later. Edith fell in love with Africa, and Zimbabwe in particular, and wished to help the people of Zimbabwe. When Edith died and left a significant estate to… Read more »