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Anangu Community School

The Anangu Kichwa community is aware of the significant role that education plays for the development of their sustainability, which is why a part of the profits from the lodge are reinvested in the local school, also known as the Vicente Mamallacta school. When the community came together and built the 10 classrooms according to… Read more »

Kindergarten Zeko Karanac

The kindergarten in Karanac shares the same building as the elementary school, so that the 23 students are always surrounded by their family and friends. Karanac is a multiethnic village with almost 900 inhabitants.  Due to it’s turbulent past throughout the 20th century and the agricultural & farming challenges that Croatia has faced since joining… Read more »

Jabulani Village

The Jabulani Women’s group consists of 30 members, the majority being mothers of students at Jabulani Primary School and all members of the extended Jabulani community. The group meet weekly to share ideas and work together to assist the school but they are very keen to learn ways to improve their income and be able to… Read more »

Lemong’o Maasai Boma

After Grand Circle Foundation provided water filters to the villagers, Chief Joseph’s next request was for solar lights – flashing lights to deter predator attacks and solar lights at be used in the bomas. Chief Joseph noticed a difference between children that have a solar light at home and those children who do not. Those that… Read more »

Kristina Tester Scholarship Fund

As a child, Kristina dreamed of living in Africa one day.  So when her grandparents offered her the opportunity to travel with them on OAT’s Ultimate Africa trip the summer she graduated eighth grade, she jumped at it. It was a decision – and a trip – that would change not just her life, but… Read more »

Chhoeu Teal Village

New toilets and a water supply will improve sanitary conditions for all residents of Cheuteal — nicknamed “Spider Village” because many villagers earn their livelihood by hunting for tarantulas. From our regional associate, Chhay Mov, Program Services Manager, Cambodia: At Cheuteal village (“Spider Village”) in Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia, we recently built four bathrooms, two… Read more »

Zimbabwe Scholarship Fund

Providing scholarships to students that otherwise would not be able to attend primary, secondary and now vocational or university.

Norman Bird Sanctuary

Norman Bird Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary and environmental education center with more than 325 acres of diverse habitats and 7 miles of hiking trails. Established in 1949 at the bequest of Mabel Norman Cerio, the Norman Bird Sanctuary, under the charge of her will, was to maintain the land “for the propagation, preservation, and… Read more »

ECO Osijek Kindergarten

One of 26 kindergartens in the town of Osijek, this is the only one teaching eco-awareness.  It is a public kindergarten and part of an international eco project. The children are learning green energy sufficiency in addition to preserving their traditional heritage and customs.  They are planting their own small gardens (many times in recycled… Read more »

Clean Ocean Access

A healthy ocean that is free of marine debris with water that is safe for all ocean activities, and a shoreline that is accessible to the public. Clean Ocean Access’s Goals are to: CLEAN: Eliminate Marine Debris OCEAN: Improve Coastal Water Quality ACCESS: Protect and Preserve Shoreline Access