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Mihalaki Georgiev Library

The Mihalaki Georgiev Regional Library is a coordinating center for 70 libraries in the Vidin district. The library was founded in 1870, as a reading room as a main part of a cultural center, with a donation from the Russian consulate, including 174 books. The Library is a main center for working with people, prime… Read more »

Conscious Art Cultural Group

With a lack of education, opportunity, and attention, a high number of children in this simple and poor area of Salvador frequently enter the underworld of drugs and violence. Conscious Art Cultural Group offers an alternative to the children that live in the Saramandaia community. The center offers boxing, percussion, circus, dance and arts. The… Read more »

Okavango Delta Lion Project

Lions, Africa’s fierce predators, play a significant role in the delicate ecosystem of the Okavango Delta. A World Heritage Site, Botswana’s lush Okavango Delta sprawls across more than 5,000 inland miles, making it one of the world’s largest wetland eco-systems. Although lions may serve as an African icon, experts list them as an endangered species. Extinct… Read more »

Ramachen Primary School

Ramachen Primary School  is about 8 kilometers from the town of Phobjika. Located on gentle slope in the middle of the village of more than 300 households, the school provides two meals each day and a basic education. “Ramey” means “grazing land” in local parlance and “chen” means “wide area” provided by the government for… Read more »

Escuela No. 27 Jorge Hall

Primary School No. 27 Jorge J. Hall, had many needs when we began our partnership, but the most urgent was a new roof. Located in the town of San Isidro, 149 students, ages 6-11 attend the school. The roofs were in  very bad condition and when it rained,  water entered many rooms. In the dining room,… Read more »

Saranda Orphanage

On Albania’s southern coast is the beautiful city of Saranda. Unfortunately, sun and sea breezes do not mean an easy life for everyone. There are 20,000 orphan’s in Albania, and Saranda Orphanage works to provide the best conditions for a healthy life for 50 of them, ages 5-18 years old. Grand Circle Foundation provided funding… Read more »

Friends of the Budapest Orchestra

The Budapest Opera House, famous for its beauty and history, is one of Budapest’s proudest cultural institutions. Built the Renaissance style, the Budapest Opera is one of Hungary’s major cultural institutions dedicated to providing high quality opera and ballet to the general public.  The Opera opened its doors in 1884 and survived both World Wars,… Read more »

Santa Maria Della Pieta School

To build community in Sorrento and to help Italian schoolchildren prepare for their future, we’ve donated funds to the city’s Santa Maria della Pieta School. Along with computers and English software, we  provided televisions and video equipment for the school; supplied desks, chairs, and stationery equipment for students; and repaired desks and chairs in the… Read more »

St. Oliver’s National School

Located in Killarney, in the South West of Ireland, St. Oliver’s National School  is a mixed gender, full-stream, Catholic primary school that is proud of the diversity of the school.   The 749 pupils from 561 families come from all social classes and their parents from 47 different nations. 62 pupils from the Traveler Community… Read more »

Dastkar Women’s Cooperative

Dastkar was established to help craftspeople of Ranthambore, especially women, use their own traditional craft skills as a means of employment, income generation and economic self-sufficiency. Dastkar-Ranthambore strongly believes in  “craft” as a social, cultural and economic force. Despite being marginalized due to urbanization and industrialization, traditional crafts have a vital role  within the economic mainstream… Read more »