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Alex Rocha Youth Center

The Alex Rocha Young Center is a community school located in a disadvantaged part of Cartagena that teaches English, art, and moral values to children, teenagers, and adults as well offering recreational activities. The center provides a safe haven for children who may be exposed to crime and violence, as well as helping children who… Read more »

Xom Gio Village

When we first came to the riverside community of Xom Gio in Nha Trang, there were no streetlights or toilets. To help the villagers, we built community toilets and showers and installed streetlights. After Typhoon Damrey caused damage to many of the homes in this village, we helped them rebuild.

Minh Tu Orphanage

Help Wanted: Buddhist women to live at orphanage with 200 children, many of whom are disabled. Must be willing to rise at 3am for two hours of prayer before waking the children, preparing them for the day, getting them off to school, and teaching additional classes afterwards. Must also be available to visit nearby lepers’… Read more »

Dien Phu Kindergarten

Students in the remote countryside of Vietnam have few opportunities for the interactive learning available in the city. Grand Circle Foundation helped change this by purchasing computers and educational software.  For the younger students we also provided large TVs that could be used to play educational programs suitable for 2-3 year olds.


Grand Circle Foundation is thrilled to have supported the restoration and excavation work of the Church of St. John at Ephesus, one of the largest and best preserved ancient cities in the world.

UNESCO Charles Darwin Project

Grand Circle Foundation was proud to support The Charles Darwin Foundation for the Galapagos Islands, an international non-profit organization dedicated to scientific research. The Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) has carried out its mission in the Galapagos since 1959, thanks to an agreement with the Government of Ecuador and with the mandate to pursue and maintain… Read more »

Caritas Cubana

Grand Circle Foundation is not allowed to donate funds directly to Cuba, so we partnered with Caritas Cubana to help support the elderly we visit on our tours. Caritas Cubana serves the most vulnerable populations on the island: the elderly, children at risk, the sick and disabled, persons living with HIV/AIDS and victims of natural… Read more »

Guang Ming Primary School

Grand Circle Foundation’s partnership with the Guang Ming Primary School, has enriched the students’ learning and growth by funding basic needs and more. The Foundation funded the purchase of books, desks, chairs, sporting goods, musical instruments, art supplies, cameras, computers, and audio equipment. We also funded construction of an outdoor  stage and a covered area… Read more »

Shao Ping Dian School

Located in the village of Shao Ping Dian, just outside of Xian, the Shao Ping Dian Primary School has 180 students, 18 teachers, and 6 classrooms. Students take classes in Chinese, English, math, music, painting, and sports. Grand Circle Foundation donations have improved the learning environment here by helping to fill the school’s need for educational materials… Read more »

Monteverde Conservation League

The Monteverde Conservation League (MCL), founded in 1986 in Monteverde, Costa Rica, initially focused on buying land for conservation. Donors from more than 40 countries and territories contributed to the purchase of almost 23,000 hectares by 2016. This protected area, known as the Children’s Eternal Rainforest (or “BEN” after the Spanish “Bosque Eterno de losNiños”)… Read more »