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Lutheran Church of Hoorn

Lutherans from northern Europe fled to Holland, escaping the calamity caused by the religious wars enveloping that part of the world in the 18th century. Seeking a place to freely practice their beliefs a group of these refugees banded together to construct a simple yet elegant church in the town of Hoorn. The centerpiece of… Read more »

State Museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau

Since 1947, the State Museum at Auschwitz-Birkenau has served as an indelible reminder of the definitive tragedy of the 20th century. The former Nazi concentration camp stands as testimony to the lessons learned from the Holocaust so that the world may never forget what happened. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979, it is… Read more »

Di Ji Orphanage

For the 70 children who call this orphanage home, sponsorship through Grand Circle Foundation meant a brand new building. In the time that we visited the Di Ji Orphanage we were able to fund the construction of a new dormitory building to house the children.  We also renovated the kitchen and dining hall and upgraded… Read more »

My Son Sanctuary

Grand Circle Foundation in partnership with the Global Heritage Fund, funded the restoration and preservation work of the E7 Temple Complex at this UNESCO World Heritage Site. My Son, located in central Vietnam in Quang Nam province, about 50 km southwest of Dha Nang, is the only major archaeological site in Vietnam and the longest inhabited… Read more »

Dien Phu Primary School

For the 400 students at this rural school, partnership with Grand Circle Foundation has brought access to a world beyond. The 15 computers we brought to this school has helped the students become comfortable with technology before they move on to high school.

Nepal Orthopedic Hospital

April 2015 saw a devastating 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal. In the weeks that followed we partnered with the Nepal Orthopedic Hospital which was providing care to earthquake victims at little to no cost to them. To help them in their mission we have funded the purchase of necessary medical equipment such as an chest x-ray… Read more »

Haiti Earthquake Relief

When the catastrophic earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, we were overwhelmed by the support from travelers and donors. In less than a week, more than a half million dollars was raised to support the efforts of the American Red Cross in Haiti. The Red Cross contributed an initial $1 million to relief operations from its… Read more »

Kivotos Ark of the World

Kivotos is a youth center, soup kitchen, and shelter that cares for 150 children 7 days per week. Kivotos is dedicated to providing a safe place for children from hundreds of ethnic backgrounds, religions, languages, and cultures. Grand Circle Foundation’s support was used to provide some basic necessities for the shelter including clothes, shoes, pencils,… Read more »

Kindergarten Elster

After historic flooding along the Elbe River, regional associates identified a flooded kindergarten near Wittenberg that was ruined. $10,000 was donated to help repair the flooded Kindergarten Elster. The crew of the Grand Circle Cruise Line ship, The Allegro, provided a tour of the ship and snacks for the children and school staff; and the children… Read more »

Je Sers

Je Sers is an association of 3 houseboats docked on the Quai in Conflans, whose mission is to serve the migrant population in the Conflans area. The Association provides lunch, dinner, emergency housing, and French language classes on the ships.  In addition, they help individuals move from the emergency housing to more stable apartments, and assist… Read more »