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Ligatne Kindergarten

This small school of 133 students, provided the basics for an education, but needed help with providing more. Grand Circle Foundation provided funding to replace the outdoor playground materials, providing a safe place for children to run and play.

Salantai Day Care Center

This municipally funded day care center provides social services for people with mental and physical disabilities, including Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, and blindness. Located in a rural area rather than a city, the center offers a unique lifeline to people who might otherwise be isolated and left to cope on their own. The center… Read more »

Kapane Secondary School

Kapane Secondary school is in the village next to Ziga Primary and has become the secondary school all Ziga Primary graduates progress to. It was a logical step for us to partner with Kapane Secondary school. To address the need for clean water systems and to provide long-term accessible and safe groundwater sources for the… Read more »

Jabulani Primary School

Situated in a very poor community, half the school consists of orphaned and vulnerable children. 150 students were learning in 3 overcrowded classrooms with many classes taking place outdoors under trees.  Our first project however was to ensure that the students had access to adequate toilet facilities and then went on to build 5 additional… Read more »

Morawaka Learning Center

The Morawaka Learning Center is found on the grounds of a tea plantation. The school serves approximately 150 children, who’s parents are employees on the plantation. Sponsorship through Grand Circle Foundation was able to outfit these children with all the necessities to start the school year, from filled backpacks and books to uniforms and shoes.

Roman Theater

The ancient Roman Theater in Malaga, Spain was built in the 1st century A.D by Emperor Augustus. The theater includes an auditorium, stage, dressing rooms and regal entryways.  It is such a treasure that the World Monuments Fund named the site to its list of 100 Most Endangered Sites in the World, a designation that… Read more »

Proyecto Illusion

“Proyecto Ilusión” is an Association for the physically, mentally, and sensorially disabled. Created in 2002, when a series of meetings organized by the Baeza City Hall brought together a group of families with a shared problem: attending to the needs of a disabled family member. At that time, they decided to join social, psychological, and… Read more »

Fontein Social Care Center

The Fontein Social Care Center has an ambitious mission to help orphaned and vulnerable children in Swaziland. In an area where hunger, poverty, and illness leaves many children without strong family units, the Fontein Center aims to provide two meals a day to children, as well as a daycare for the youngest and legal assistance,… Read more »

George Mhaule Primary School

George Mhaule Primary School with over 650 students is located in Hazyview, South Africa. Partnership with Grand Circle Foundation has given these students new toilets and a new borehole to access water, along with new chairs and computers. Most recently we funded the construction of a covered assembly area between buildings, allowing the children to… Read more »

Doctors without Borders

HIV/AIDS is the most serious health concern in South Africa. Recognizing the need, Grand Circle Foundation funded the construction of a medical clinic dedicated to treating HIV positive children, and adolescents failing their anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment. By having a dedicated clinic with the sole purpose to address this problem, many children can begin to do better… Read more »