Kangaroo Island is the third largest island off the coast of Australia. The island boasts 21 National and Conservation parks covering over 30% of the total island.

The island has an abundance of fauna seldom found elsewhere. The species on Kangaroo Island suffered from a dramatic decline and many were considered rare by the Australian Government.  The Sea lion colony was at the greatest risk.

Grand Circle Foundation supported a multi-year research project that studied and assessed the impact of tourism on the behavior and breeding habits of the Kangaroo Island sea lions.

Now, Seal Bay Conservation Park is a protected area located on the south coast of Kangaroo Island in the Australian state of South Australia. It is the home of the third largest Australian sea lion colony in Australia,  and is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Kangaroo Island.


Last winter, before the world’s attention turned to the coronavirus pandemic, our eyes were on Australia as wildfires raged throughout the country. Native Aussie David Thomas, a Worldwide Contractor for O.A.T., visited the island to personally assess the need and determine how best to help.

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