Boonyapark had 40 young children aged 2-4, from the local community doing all their activities in one classroom.

Our first project was to build a new study room (with books) to allow the children to have separate areas for school work and play time or nap time.  We also built a covered walkway between the 2 rooms to protect the children from the rain when moving between rooms.

We then constructed 3 new toilets since the single toilet they had wasn’t sufficient and subsequently built a first aid room to allow sick children a comfortable place to rest when not feeling well.  And to keep them safe while at the daycare center, we built a fence around the property.

Clean water became scarce after the main pipe line broke which led to children not brushing their teeth or washing their hands.  To combat this we dug a well and installed a water pump and filtration system so that there would be plenty of clean water for all activities.

All the children have been given 3 new sets of uniforms along with sneakers and socks.  A daily set, a gym set and an indigo shirt which is the traditional costume of the Phrae province the daycare center is in.