Many of the 120 students who attend the Mae Yang Rong Primary School in the Northern Province of Phrae live very far away.

To help them when we first arrived at the school we supplied them with bicycles which would then be passed down to new students as the children graduated.

We also provided new uniforms to each student, 7 computers to ensure that the children would not be left behind in the new age of technology along with 7 TV’s to access educational programming via satellite.  However to allow for other skills we also provided the tools and equipment for vocational training classes specializing in sewing, welding and repairing.

The students soon put their new skills to the test by building exercise equipment to be used by the school and village community.

We’ve built toilets, a first aid room and a new library to house their nearly 3000 books.  The library will be open to the community as well to serve as a source of learning for its 120 students and 400 community members.

The  24 member marching band of Mae Yang Rong was formed in 2000 and won 1st place in competitions along the Northern province.  They have been recognized as the top band of Phrae province and participate in many of Phrae’s big events or festivals.  When broken instruments led to a decrease in practice, the foundation purchased musical instruments to help them continue their winning performances.