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Raqchi School

Raqchi school is located in Huayllabamba, a village of 1000 people. The small town of Raqchi sits high on windswept plains overlooking the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Amid its peaceful and calm lifestyle, the residents farm the land, create traditional pottery, and weave vivid textiles. Partnership with Grand Circle Foundation renovated classrooms, constructed new… Read more »

Cruzpata 50599

The community of Izcuchaca is just a short drive from the center of Chinchero. Many of its residents are focused on farming and agriculture—but an investment in the future of the 150 children who attend elementary school here can open up a world of new opportunities. Foundation support for Cruzpata has helped to build both… Read more »

Pucruto School

This school of 200 students is located in the Urubamba area of Peru, known as the Sacred Valley. To help reduce the drop out rate due to inadequate conditions, Grand Circle Foundation funded the construction of new toilets and hand washing stations at the Pucruto school.  We’ve also renovated the kitchen, a classroom and the… Read more »

Escuela Arin 50153

The Arin school in Peru is located in the Urubamba region at 9000 feet above sea level. Due to the school’s elevation, the UV index (or exposure to UV radiation) is very high at 10.  This poses a concern since the higher the index the greater the chance for sun damage. To help combat this,… Read more »

CEBG Omar Torrijos Herrera School

The Omar Torrijos Herrera General Basic Education Center has over 700 students aged 4 to 11. The majority of whom had to purchase bottled water on a daily basis because many of the school’s hall water fountains were either broken or nonexistent. Grand Circle Foundation’s first project at this school was to purchase and install… Read more »

Embera Village

Embera is a very traditional village in Panama. This meant that when we started visiting there were no toilets.  We worked with the community to help improve the sanitary conditions by constructing a septic tank and community toilets.

Conservation Media Group

Catalyzing change through media. In 2014, the Lewis Family Foundation underwrote the establishment of the Conservation Media Group, a nonprofit organization that is building capacity for the use of video to create action in conservation, with a focus on ocean health and sustainable energy. Their Catalyst Workshops bring dozens of organizations and media makers together at… Read more »

Tin Keo Village

The small community of Tin Keo makes its humble living by farming rice, corn, and bananas, tending livestock, and weaving. To help support the community’s basic needs, Grand Circle Foundation funded community toilets, a water well, water tank and reservoir, and paved a sidewalk.  But we realized we needed to help the village become more… Read more »

Majgaon Village

Located in the foothills of the Annapurnas, access to Majgaon village is by climbing rocky, and often slippery slopes. Our first project was to repair the stone steps and add railings, enhancing the safety of the villagers here. We later established a community washing area to help villagers prevent food born illnesses and purchased an… Read more »

Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez Primary School

Located in a remote village in Sinaloa Mexico, approximately 100 Mayo Indian students ages 6 – 12 years attend 1st thru 6th grade at the Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez Primary School. The school’s bathrooms were very old and in disrepair when Grand Circle first came here. Funds from the foundation helped build 4 new bathrooms… Read more »