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Remote learning at Sinamune Disabled Orchestra

In 1992, Maestro Edgar Augusto Palacios, together with his wife Marcia and daughter Ada, founded the Sinamune Disabled Children’s Orchestra. A national music system for special-needs people (mostly children and young adults), Sinamune was created by the Cultural Foundation “Edgar Palacios” to help students overcome mental and visual challenges to develop the motor skills needed… Read more »

Food distribution at Safe Passage – Guatemala

Safe Passage is a non-profit organization, working for the empowering and the education of the poorest children and families living in the communities located around the Guatemala City’s garbage dump, by creating opportunities and fostering dignity and self-esteem through the power of education. Safe Passage has diverse needs and projects that must be covered each… Read more »

O.A.T. Traveler Sandy Lopez Makes Supporting the Foundation an Annual Event

When Sandy Lopez lost her husband, she thought her traveling days were pretty much behind her. Then, a friend talked her into taking a Grand Circle’s Panama Canal Cruise & Panama: A Continent Divided, Oceans United trip. A retired corrections lieutenant, Sandy was uneasy at first about traveling alone in foreign country. When she met… Read more »

Get out of New Hampshire and Break the Rules!

Students attending the University of New Hampshire’s (UNH) Social Innovators of the Year Awards probably weren’t expecting that advice.  Nor were they expecting a surprise offer to change their lives. Last month, Alan and Harriet were presented with this prestigious award for their business model and philanthropy.   The award “recognizes leaders with a demonstrated commitment… Read more »

Learning the Ropes

Boston Prep Students Get a Lesson in Teamwork at Pinnacle Leadership Center At Boston Prep, a charter public school in Hyde Park, Mass., instilling lifelong values in the next generation of leaders isn’t just a nice thought; it’s a tangible, everyday goal. A school for grades six through 12, with a support structure that continues… Read more »

Citizens Count in New Hampshire

Citizens Count is a nonpartisan nonprofit that provides the people of New Hampshire with the tools and information they need to make a difference. Citizens Count provides in-depth profiles of candidates, tracks and explains key issues, and builds connections between people and their elected officials.  Historically, the organization has focused on adult voters, but now… Read more »

Beekeeping in the Amazon

Honey: it’s as good as gold for the Maijuna people of the Peruvian Amazon. The Maijuna are one of the smallest and most endangered Indigenous groups in Peru, and one of the community’s most critical needs has been a sustainable source of income that also helps to conserve their cultural traditions and their heavily forested… Read more »

Celebrating a new totem pole at Alnoba

Earlier this month, we were very pleased to welcome the artist Calvin Hunt, his wife Marie, and several members of his tribe known as Copper Maker Dancers to Alnoba to bless a Totem Pole shortly after it was raised as the newest piece in the Alnoba Art Park collection. Calvin Hunt works within the traditional… Read more »

Providing student meals in the Andes

Located at almost 12,000 feet above sea level and about 30 miles away from Cusco city, the Chequerec Primary School has become a great source of education for children in the Andes of Peru, despite the fact that most of the children have to walk to school every day – some of them an average… Read more »

Eliminating plastic water bottles at Alnoba

Sometimes the big global environmental problems seem daunting, and we wonder just what one person can do to make a difference. The answer is: each of us can do at least one thing—and if all of us do something, change happens. Alnoba was conceived by the Lewis Family as a model of sustainability with a… Read more »