Author: David Thomas

BlazeAid Newsletter – More than Mending a Fence

BlazeAid is a volunteer based organization that works with families and individuals in rural Australia after natural disasters such as fires and floods. Working alongside the rural families, ther volunteers help to rebuild fences and other structures that have been damaged or destroyed. Grand Circle Foundation with your help, donated in 2020 and 2021 to… Read more »

Days of Healing in Australia

The Australian bushfire crisis placed unprecedented demands on populations in areas of Victoria, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. Communities on the front lines of affected areas had to contend with loss of life and property, repeated evacuations from their homes for several days at a time on multiple occasions, disruptions to essential… Read more »

Australian Wildfire Relief Update: Koala Rescue

Last winter, before the world’s attention turned to the coronavirus pandemic, our eyes were on Australia as wildfires raged throughout the country. Native Aussie David Thomas, a Worldwide Contractor for O.A.T., visited the island to personally assess the need and determine how best to help. Grand Circle Foundation donated $25,000 to aid the people and… Read more »

Grand Circle associate volunteers on Kangaroo Island during bush fires

David Thomas Bush Fire Relief

By David Thomas, O.A.T. Worldwide Contractor Many regions of Australia have been feeling the effects of wild bushfires since October, which were highlighted by the world’s media when main regions in Australia were burning uncontrollably at the same time, between Christmas and New Year’s. These regions were the Blue Mountains (a few hours west of… Read more »