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Total donated in Zimbabwe: $708,800
Partner since: 2000

"Our most profound 'learning and discovery' experience was our visit to the Foundation-funded ... school. The presentation and tour by their young principal, Moses, was unusually moving and impressive. His dedication to the education of his students, the support of his teachers, and the ongoing reconstruction of his classrooms is incredible. The whole experience left an indelible mark on our group."

Sharon & George Bloch
Madera, California

St. Mary's Primary School

As one of our newest partners, St. Mary's Primary School is an exciting place to bring our travelers. The Foundation is excited to be part of this school's future, with plans to purchase new desks, textbooks, tools, an indoor flush toilets to help the school day run smoothly for all the eager students.

In addition to the purchase of these useful tools, we are excited to begin plans for roof repairs, ensuring that students can continue their studies in inclement weather. New housing will also be provided for the faculty, as currently there is housing available for less than half the teaching staff.

To learn more about how the Foundation has helped Zimbabwe's students over the years, you can read about the efforts of traveler and "gutsy leader" Kristina Tester, and the travelers who regularly contribute to the Samantha Johnson Scholarship Fund, which was created in honor of a beloved OAT Trip Leader.

Ziga Primary School

When we first discovered Ziga Primary School some of the classrooms had been condemned, and students were studying in buildings without roofs. So far, we have built two new classrooms, a fence around the perimeter of the school, a playground, a storage facility, and new lavatories. We've also drilled a borehole to provide the school and village with fresh water. And to further support instruction in the classroom, we've purchased teacher resource materials and new math and English textbooks for students.

School in session:

Late January through early December; with holidays early April through early May, and late August through early September.

Gifts to bring if you're visiting:

  • Deflated soccer balls
  • Reading books for younger children, especially geography-related
  • Secondhand clothing, shoes
  • T-shirts from home state
  • Solar-powered calculators
  • Books about sports, especially soccer
  • Toothbrushes and toiletries
  • Any reading material about the U.S., such as how the government works, country demographics, etc.
  • Old laptop computers