Grand Circle Foundation has always had communities at heart, aiming to make meaningful contributions that enable sustainable development.

With an average household monthly income of nine dollars and most households having between five and eight members, many families struggle to provide for their basic needs, and the majority cannot afford the US$60 – $100 per annum required to send their children to school.

To diversify livelihood options and reduce poverty in these areas, Grand Circle Foundation has assisted with the creation of women’s income generating groups and budgeting workshops in these remote rural areas. These provide women with an opportunity to utilize their seemingly limitless creative skills by making unique products that can be sold. The groups also instill pride in the local culture and encourage women to work together, cultivating a sense of teamwork and community cohesion.

Further women’s entrepreneurial projects initiated and supported by the Grand Circle Foundation include Broiler, Road Runner ( a robust African chicken) and goat breeding, all of which are prospering. The income generation projects, while not the only livelihood diversification initiatives in this area, have been the first to succeed in their intention to provide women with additional income that can be used to feed and clothe their families as well as pay for school fees.

Access to clean water on tap for schools and communities has been a focus of the Grand Circle Foundation, and to that end the Ziga community have been the recipients of boreholes, solar pumps and panels and are now receiving beautiful fresh water every day. The installation of these boreholes brings welcome relief to these dry and often barren areas and will empower the communities to accommodate & care for themselves in a sustainable manner. During the handover ceremony of the Ziga borehole a local Chief pointed out that his village had been there for almost a hundred years, but this was the first time they had access to the clear water that had been running deep below their feet.