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GCF partners

Serengeti De-snaring Project

The Serengeti ecosystem in Tanzania is a world-renowned natural landscape. The Great Migration of wildebeests, zebras, and Thomson’s gazelles that takes place there is the largest hoofed mammal migration on earth. With resilient populations of predators and iconic wildlife such as elephants, giraffes, and rhinos, the Serengeti National Park is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. … Read more »

Shuar People of Ecuador

Josefina Tunki lives and travels in the heart of the Cordillera del Condor from where thousands of tons of gold and copper are extracted. She is the first female president of the Shuar People in Ecuador. In recent years, she has become the Indigenous leader who is the face of the anti-mining struggle in her… Read more »

Brazil National Congress Representative

Célia Xakriabá is a teacher, poet, and activist from the Xakriabá people in the Cerrado biome of Brazil. She is one of the founders of the National Association of Ancestral Indigenous Women Warriors (ANMIGA) and a leading member of the Indigenous women’s movement in Brazil. She also helped to create the “Reforesting Minds” movement based… Read more »

International Funders for Indigenous People

With a population of more than 370 million in 90 countries—and a culture of self-help, innovation, and sharing—indigenous peoples can be invaluable contributors toward solving today’s most pressing problems, including climate change, biodiversity preservation, and sustainable management of natural resources. For 17 years, International Funders for Indigenous Peoples (IFIP) has sought to build mutually beneficial… Read more »

Shake Hands with the World

Grand Circle Foundation (GCF) partners with Shake Hands With the World to provide additional support to the Duc Son Orphanage in Hue, Vietnam, also known as the Minh Tu Orphanage. GCF has funded projects at the orphanage since 2002, and was happy to collaborate with Shake Hands with World on a project to provide a… Read more »


Assisting indigenous and traditional communities in the creation of sustainable development projects that help to generate income without jeopardizing their biological and cultural resources. We have partnered with One Planet NGO to support the Maijuna community to raise stingless bees in the Amazon. Amazonian stingless bees produce a type of honey that is highly valued for… Read more »

San Francisco Microfarm

Grand Circle Foundation has partnered with the San Francisco Chachagua School in Costa Rica to create a sustainable microfarm that not only feeds 184 students breakfast, lunch, and sometimes even dinner, but it also impacts the entire community with its surplus food supply and lifelong lessons in sustainable agriculture. Funding was provided to purchase the… Read more »

Wine to Water

Grand Circle Foundation and the Lewis Family Foundation have funded $1,101,125 to Wine to Water to support our WASH (Water, And Sanitation, Hygiene) initiative. Launched in 2015,  the goal is for every school and village we support to have access to an adequate supply of clean water, and toilets that meet or exceed local standards…. Read more »

Himalayan Trust Nepal

One of Grand Circle Foundation’s strongest and most enduring partnerships is with the Himalayan Trust Nepal. The partnership began in 1993, with a focus on improving education, and our donations total $793,499 to date. The next project we are supporting will provide $40,988 in funding for the Shree Juving Secondary School in the Mapya Dudhkoshi… Read more »