Our sponsored students are so grateful for the gift of education, and sponsorship covers more than school fees.

What began as a way to support students who excelled but did not have the means to attend Secondary School in 2013, has expanded to include support for students in Primary Schools, especially young girls.

Sponsorship covers school fees, uniforms, school supplies, and if a student is attending boarding school, bedding, food and “pocket change”.

Our Project Manager in East Africa shares what is involved in getting the Secondary students ready each School Term:

“Meanwhile in the market the kids were getting uniforms, shoes, school back packs, tracksuits and undergarments. Unlike most of the world, here in Karatu we buy material and then find a tailor to make the uniform for the kids. Needs lots of co-ordination!! As for school shoes….there is no shoe shop in Karatu. We have to buy them second hand in the open air market.

At some point one of the kids asked if they could have an outfit to go to church in and that’s when I realized none of our sponsored children had outdoor clothing.

They went to church and mosque in their uniform.  This year they all have an outfit and a pair of church shoes so they never stand out as being the poor relation.

We ended our shopping spree in Karatu town at a local restaurant where we treated everyone to a Nyama Choma lunch ( roasted meat, chips and a soda).”