The students at Sinamune must overcome mental and visual challenges to develop the motor skills needed to play a musical instrument.

In doing so, they gain the confidence to face many other challenges they might encounter during their lives.

Foundation donations have helped refurbish the beautiful auditorium at Sinamune, supported the purchases of a vehicle, new computers, and musical instruments for the school; contributed funds to many building improvements; and helped to fund scholarships.

Recent projects have included the establishment of an inhouse boutique and a small restaurant nearby.  These businesses provide the students with new skills while working there and also provides a new source of income for both the students and the school.

We also helped the school create a farm nearby which is now giving the students direct contact with nature as they learn about farming and the raising of small animals.  It also allows the families to work in the community garden and provide an additional food source.


One notable Foundation project was construction of the Alison Mae Regan room, a special multimedia classroom named in memory of a teacher of autistic children who died tragically in an accident at age 25. Because many of Sinamune’s special needs students benefit from a more visual approach to learning, the electronic “whiteboard” and digital projector in this classroom enhance their instruction in subjects ranging from geometry to art and physics, which are taught here along with the school’s special focus on music.