Founded in 1987, San Juan de Peñas Blancas , also known as Emilio Castro Gomez & Liceo San Juan de Penas Blancas school was originally a one-room education center that grew over the years to encompass six classrooms. Currently, the school has about 75 full-time students that range in age from 6-17 years old.  16 primary and 59 high school students.

Being that this is a remote area, most (if not all) of the children come from families that work in the agricultural sector, many of whom never received a formal education.  And since this is such a rural area, only 5 basic subjects are taught/evaluated with a focus on socio-productive workshops to develop local entrepreneurs and avoid the community draining migration to the city.

In support of this program our very first project is the construction of a henhouse, orchard and butterfly garden with the idea that the students will learn about the raising of hens, productions of eggs, organic fertilizer and fresh produce for self consumption as well as the development of eco-systems and sustainability with the butterfly garden.