Clean safe water is an issue throughout Tanzania.

In Arusha, the water that finally makes it to the taps has 109 pathogenic bacteria in it, which will cause stomach upsets including typhoid and cholera.  And that’s if you’re lucky enough to have running water.  Most collect water from mud holes.

The filters are made locally in Arusha at The Safe Water Ceramics East Africa factory. The filter is made from a mix of sawdust, clay and colloidal silver, which is used for purifying the water.

–It is tested at 99.99% microbial effectiveness.

–Purifies water, no need to boil water

–Fresh taste as charcoal produced from burned sawdust restores natural water taste.

–Simple and easy to use

–Low maintenance. With dirty brown water , clean the filter monthly. With clean water, clean the filter 3 monthly. With proper care, the filter can last 5-6 years

–Saves money as no need to use fuel to boil water

–Environmentally friendly as NO MORE PLASTIC BOTTLES

We celebrated World Water Day 2017 by delivering 120 filters to villagers.

Grand Circle Foundation has purchased filters from Safe Water for delivery to schools and villages since 2016. In 2018, we began our partnership with Wine to Water to deliver Sawyer Water Filters to other regions of the world. We are thrilled these 2 organizations will now become one in Tanzania.