Rhotia Primary School, located in the village of Karatu, Tanzania, first partnered with Grand Circle Foundation in 2012, alongside Tloma Primary School. Since the partnership, the Foundation has made strides in improving the quality of life inside—and outside—the classroom.

Years later, thousands of books and school supplies have allowed this school of over 500 students to have a book for each rather than 2 or 3 books for an entire class.

Construction of toilets, teacher housing and the renovation of the kitchen and classrooms further ensures that the children will have a good learning environment.

After hearing the need for a copier, a group of travelers returned to the U.S. and raised funds for the copier to be shared by 5 local schools, located at Rhotia. The success of having a copier in the school led to the purchase and installation of a printer/copier at each of the schools individually.

As part of our ongoing commitment to the school we also annually plant fruiting trees that have had a positive impact on the environment, provide nutrition to the children and allow excess to be sold to provide income for the school.


Rhotia 2018

Rhotia 2021