The ancient walled city of Dubrovnik was termed the jewel of the Adriatic by England’s Lord Byron.  To help in the reconstruction efforts by the international community, Grand Circle Foundation donated to the Rebuild Dubrovnik Fund.

The Rebuild Dubrovnik Fund was the first non-profit organization to bring together travel and preservation groups to serve a common cause. In its seven-year history, it raised over $1 million and served to restore 13 historical sites in the medieval city including several landmark monuments and played an instrumental role in attracting travel and tourism back to the Croatia region, helping to restore the livelihood of the people of Dubrovnik.

Through its “Buy a Tile for Dubrovnik” campaign, funds were gathered to repair the famous red terra-cotta roofs of the old city, most of which were destroyed as a result of heavy shelling during the war.

GCF is proud to have played a part in the important work in this United Nations World Heritage Site.