Since 2001, building contractor Tong Phuoc Phuc has devoted his life  to this small shelter, providing a home to expectant and single mothers.  GCF funds provided the support in 2020 to renovate bedrooms and bathrooms for both the women and the 18 orphans currently living there.

Sadly, in Vietnam as in many other parts of the world, a pregnant single girl is unwelcome at home and this shelter has provided a literal lifeline for the young women living there.

This organization provides shelter, food and education to give them a better future.

Last year we provided the funding to purchase 2 cows, 3 female pigs, 400 chickens and vegetable seeds.  With the help of 6 volunteer farmers that will take care of the animals and farming, the nutritional needs of the 36 young mothers and their infants will be taken care of .

The dung from the cows will provide fertilizer for the vegetable plantings, milk for the infants and as the chickens grow, eggs as a source of protein.