18 children between 5-8 years old are educated by one teacher in one room at the Nonsaath Primary School. The students are from 46 local families, 250 people from 3 main ethnic groups.

The first project Grand Circle Foundation funded was the construction of toilets, as part of our WASH (Water, and Sanitation, Hygiene) initiative to ensure all schools have access to clean water and toilets. We then provided solar lighting and fans, as the building was dark and very hot.

But the wooden building was quite small, run down and probably very dangerous if it was hit by typhoons.  In 2018, we funded the construction of a new two-room schoolhouse, with manual labor provided by the community. At the Opening Celebration, the village shaman thanked Grand Circle Foundation during a Baci ceremony for our close cooperation and wished all participants good health, and longevity.

To help the local villagers, regional associates volunteered a day to build a communal hut.