What do you do when an infant is left at your doorstep?  You start an orphanage.

The orphanage is now home to over 200 children and young adults.

From a new kitchen, dining hall, dormitories, bathrooms and classrooms, our support for this orphanage has been extensive and ongoing.

To help the orphanage become self sufficient we purchased farm land that they now use to grow mushrooms and vegetables both to feed the children and to sell.

We’ve also purchased bicycles for the older children to use to attend school and created computer and technical training workshops onsite.

So we were happy to partner with Shake Hands with the World to build a mushroom farm that will help sustain the orphanage.

When the nuns had difficulty taking care of the youngest children we purchased diapers and formula to help them.  And when they wanted the older children to have more access to physical exercise, we built a fenced soccer field behind the orphanage.