The Mihalaki Georgiev Regional Library is a coordinating center for 70 libraries in the Vidin district.

The library was founded in 1870, as a reading room as a main part of a cultural center, with a donation from the Russian consulate, including 174 books.

The Library is a main center for working with people, prime initiator of town activities, and coordinator of national and international partnership.

The building is divided into several rooms. One of them is designed for a “meeting of generations” and furnished in a traditional style. Here are held creative workshops and readings related to the Bulgarian way of life, customs and traditions. Another room was furnished for children with suitable games, books, furniture. The non-standard is a youthful room with vintage furniture and modern equipment for making and presenting presentations, meetings, dancing, karaoke, training and working in small groups.

Grand Circle Foundation proudly funded furnishings for this room.