The Lemong’o Primary School was started in 1991 under a tree and the school buildings were not completed until 2013.

When Grand Circle Foundation began supporting the school in 2014, the school was in desperate need for all the basics needed to provide an education. Typically the school receives about $195 annually from the government to run the school. There were no school textbooks, only teachers copies. There were no pencils, one class had 3 pencils for 8 students, one piece of chalk was being shared among 5 teachers.

Grand Circle Funding has allowed the school to expand through Grade 7; provided all the basics needed for an education, including, books, desks, uniforms and supplies; added a water tank and water filters; provided solar lights and a solar-powered electric fence to keep the children safe from wildlife; and most recently funded bunkbeds and mattresses for a dormitory.

The school politely requested a small kitchen so they can cook lunches for the kids, which we funded. They were cooking outside under a thorn tree and all sorts of material ended up in the food, such as dust, stones, grass, and seeds.

After a failed attempt at providing a greenhouse to support a feeding program, children are now eating vegetables from the garden and waiting for the trees to bear fruit.