After Grand Circle Foundation provided water filters to the villagers, Chief Joseph’s next request was for solar lights – flashing lights to deter predator attacks and solar lights at be used in the bomas.

Chief Joseph noticed a difference between children that have a solar light at home and those children who do not. Those that have access to a solar light are now ahead educationally because they can study and do home work. This is a clean energy source and children will not have respiratory issues or cough black soot like those who use kerosene do. They also won’t suffer with head aches. He wanted his people to have equal opportunities and respectfully requested our support in purchasing more. We funded solar lights that also have cell phone chargers. Yes – even the Massai want to stay connected with their phones.

We also funded solar powered twinkling fairy lights which trick predators into believing a warrior is guarding the boma all evening. These lights have reduced the risk to humans and livestock, as well as prevented the Maasai from killing the predators, primarily lions.