In September 2018, many children and families in India were not thinking about heading back to school, but how to begin to piece their lives back together after the devastating monsoon season – the worst in over 100 years. In a country where the poverty level has many people living on less than $1.25 per day, recovering from this loss may be impossible. Natural disasters are devastating, but can be even more difficult to recover from if you are poor and live in a country where little government support is provided.

When disasters strike, large organizations come in and eventually provide aid, but often, it is the small, local organizations – community centers, churches, neighbors & friends – that arrive first.


Our friends in India, our regional associates, reached out to ask for help for the some of the people who work with us and who we visit while traveling in India.

We provided funding for 55 families to begin reconstructing their lives.  To supply their basic needs and replace items that were lost in the flood, including mattresses, bedding, towels, cookware, clothing and cleaning supplies. The cost per family was about $200.

Stalin V., OAT country manager in South India, reports on the relief materials provided by GCF to the flood victims in Kerala:
“It was regarded by the locals as the most comprehensive relief materials given by any organization or by the government as of now.”