The 294 students here, who range in age from four to 15 years old, were getting by with just one textbook for every four students and only 122 desks.

In the short 4 years that we have been at Eluway Primary School we have purchased desks and school supplies.  We’ve also renovated classrooms and the teachers staff room and constructed toilets and a kitchen.

To ensure that there is reliable access to water, we’ve installed a rain catchment system and storage tanks.  We have also installed solar lighting in the staff room and the 6th grade classroom to allow them extra time to study for the national placement exams.

And as part of our efforts to both conserve natural resources and provide a future source of nutrition, hundreds of local fruit trees have been planted.

With the reopening of schools the foundation installed handwashing stations outside each classroom to ensure the health and safety of both students and teachers.  And of course Sandra Vaughan was there to help instruct on the proper Covid handwashing techniques.