In this primary school of 8 classrooms, the most urgent need was to update the bathrooms.

With funding from GCF and help from the community, 4 toilets and hand washing basins were built. GCF funded computers to help students learn English, but first needed to provide funding for and access to electricity. To supplement the use to the computers, additional reading books in English were provided.

GCF also funded $3,760 to provide access to clean water and build community toilets for the village.

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In the remote community of Chhoeu Teal Village, villagers earn a living from scavenging in the bush for tarantulas, crickets and other insects to be sold.  With no toilets, the villagers went into the bush behind the village. A community toilet building with 4 toilets and 2 handwashing stations was built, and will be maintained by a widow with 3 children from the community. Access to a clean water supply from a highway 2000 meters away was also provided, and pipelines installed in front of villagers homes.