Changarwe Primary is in Karatu alongside the main road to Lake Eyasi. It has 412 pupils, only 8 teachers, 7 classes and 2 preschool classes and has struggled academically, and is our newest partner.

There are many reasons why we look to support new schools but the 2 biggest driving forces are academic performance and truancy levels. Ultimately we want to help in both those areas as we believe education is a priority and should be accessible to all the community. Our initial funding provided the basics needed for an education – chalk, paper, exercise books and teacher supplies. And then we provided something much more exciting – laptops, a projector, and screen, offering a new world of educational opportunities for these students and teachers.

We’ve also renovated the classrooms and kitchen and provided smokeless cooking pots, which are able to cook meals for hundreds of children using only several pieces of wood.  Saving both the environment and the health of the cooks with the greatly reduced output of smoke.

Amd as with all our other partner schools in East Africa, we distribute hand held solar lights to all incoming Grade 7 students so they can study for national placement exams at home.