When Grand Circle Foundation first partnered with Bashay Primary School in 2000, there were 450 students and only 20% could pass their national exams.

By the time we left the school in 2011, the school had grown to 850 students and we saw a nearly 90% pass rate.

The foundation was instrumental in completing a wide range of products over the decade of partnership.

We built new classrooms and renovated others.  We planted fruit trees, a vegetable garden and built a chicken coop to help provide food for the children.  And to help water these orchards and gardens, guttering was installed along with water storage tanks.

As well as classrooms, a new kitchen and dining hall were constructed to house the growing student population.

From pens, pencils and books to mosquito nets, every possible consideration was given to ensure that the school now had the resources to move forward on its own.