The small school  provides two meals a day to the 100+ students to attend, but the dining room only seated 32 students. Grand Circle Foundation funded a new dining room that led to many other changes in the school.

The old dining room was converted to a library, providing additional space to use the computers that were previously stored in a locked closet.



The new dining room was built on land beside the garden, making it easier to use fresh produce in the meals provided.

Breakfast is served first thing in the morning, a snack is served mid-morning and then lunch at mid-day. After 2pm the room is cleaned and available for other use.

Now that they have space for a library, the school will apply for the funds to the Education Minister. Once the library is open, it will also be available for adults during the afternoon and early night so they can study for night school. The proposed library space is a bit small, so the dining room will be available also for adults to study.