The Alex Rocha Young Center is a community school located in a disadvantaged part of Cartagena that teaches English, art, and moral values to children, teenagers, and adults as well offering recreational activities.

The center provides a safe haven for children who may be exposed to crime and violence, as well as helping children who come from dysfunctional families. The school has seven faculty and staff members serving 25 children, with programs for students in three age groups: 6-12 years old, 13-17 years old, and age 18 or older. Foundation funds have helped to purchase a video projector, and to make improvements to the school’s building, including adding lockers and renovating the bathrooms to provide separate facilities for girls and boys.

We also funded the purchase of screen-printing equipment.  The ability to design, print and sell T- shirts and other items provides a long-term sustainable income for the foundation; job training support; a way to learn business management skills; and developing artistic skills for the youth sector.