CITW (Children in the Wilderness) our partner in Zimbabwe, oversees projects at the schools and villages on our behalf.  They just sent us a welcome update regarding the Lukosi Secondary School.

“We are thrilled to announce that Grand Circle Foundation has successfully been able to renovate and refurbish the
Lukosi Secondary School Science Laboratory, bringing a new wave of opportunity and learning to the students at the
school. The school recently hosted the GCF team along with OAT Trip Leaders at a special event to officially open the
newly renovated science lab, and it was a morning filled with gratitude and excitement. At Lukosi Secondary School,
the science curriculum plays a crucial role in shaping the education of students, covering subjects like biology,
chemistry, and physics. However, the outdated state of the science laboratories has posed challenges for both
teachers and learners. With broken furnishings and limited resources, students have been unable to fully engage in
practical lessons essential for their education.
The school and students at Lukosi Secondary School are immensely grateful to Grand Circle Foundation for their
generous donation that allowed this renovation project to take place. The impact of this renovation project extends
far beyond the walls of the science lab. By providing Lukosi Secondary School with a fully equipped and modernized
science laboratory, students now have the opportunity to receive a quality education that will prepare them for
national examinations and future academic pursuits. This project aims to level the playing field for students,
ensuring they have the tools they need to succeed. GCF and OAT looks forward to witnessing the positive outcomes
of this initiative and the enhanced learning opportunities it will bring to the students at Lukosi Secondary School.”