This month of August 2023 is the significant day for entire villagers and their children because Grand Circle Foundation has accomplished the requested facility projects for both the primary school and the community center after the strong storms badly damaged the buildings and brought the mess to the grounds three years ago. So today, our OAT team led by Phet, Program Service Coordinator of Laos and Luang Prabang local guides witness the ceremony of completions with the village’s chief – Mr. Chanpheng, the teacher, Women Association members and their beloved children. They marked this day as the most meaningful achievements for entire the village that all participants were thrilled with smiles and laughter.

In the meanwhile, village’s leaders and teacher are so proud and happy to address the special thanks for OAT team, Grand Circle Foundations at field and behind the scenes for the great efforts, hard work and sustainable support to their community because the education system is the long-lasting values for the children’s future here. The villager chief deeply admires our company and travelers for help changing people’s live in their community and the long partnership together indeed.

Thanks you for help changing Laotian’s lives

Phet – PS. Coordinator GCC Laos.

Aug 23rd, 2023