Does anyone else feel as though the last year and a half has been a bad dream?

However, as we stir from the enforced rest of the last 18 months without travel I’m happy to share that slowly but surely the new headquarters of the Imik Simik Women’s Center in Morocco has been coming along.

Depending on when you were there, you might have encountered the hopes, the plot of land and eventually the foundation being laid.

This particular group of women has shown what patience and tenacity can accomplish.  Started to provide an area where the women of this rural community could come together to share skills and develop new ones, they began welcoming OAT travelers in 2016.









After almost 2 years of negotiations with the community leaders, the women were finally able to obtain a parcel at the outskirts of the village.

The ladies have been involved every step of the way and can’t wait to welcome you back to Morocco soon, click above to watch Fatima take you through the building.

On behalf of Grand Circle Foundation and the

Imik Simik Women’s Association for Rural Development,

thank you for your support.