Costa Rica as many other countries that lives mostly from tourism had suffer from the lack of travelers during this 2020. Communities from the coasts that usually welcome the OAT travelers are going through tough times lately, and Costa Rica Regional office wanted to give back a little and visit a community that has not stop working this year, but needed a little support specially after some bad weather that affected them in recent weeks.

Coopetárcoles was founded in 1985 by a group of artisan fisherman in Tárcoles Town, located in Central Pacific. Looking for fair trade, quality product, through responsible fishing, they have grouped 40 associates, that share their experience during one of our stops in the Real Affordable Costa Rica program, were travelers get the feel of how local artisans live, their challenges and how they respect and enjoy their never-ending-jobs.


Once we heard their difficult situation in our Costa Rica Regional Office, we started working through the Grand Circle Foundation and turned our annual Community Service into this small town. Regional office staff decided to leave the San Jose city and for one day make a beach cleanup with the Tárcoles people and provide 40 food and cleaning baskets to each of the Coopetárcoles members and their families.

Encountered by a loving community, job was easy and as Jeannette Naranjo, Coopetárcoles Coordinator, said “the impact of this donation to each of the fisherman family’s is enormous, and this not only supports each small family, but also motivates the community to keep on going through this hard times”.

This was a special day for our staff members, and it was a great opportunity to thank all small artisans and fisherman’s, for their hard job, and their commitment for a sustainable way of living. Better days are coming ahead and we look forward to the next community service in 2021.