Just over 2 weeks ago I received a call from Magret, Head Mistress of Ayalabe Primary School, Karatu.

The children from Grade 7 had rallied around and raised money to buy Grand Circle Foundation a Thank you gift, A white chicken, and Magret gifted GCF her Cock-rel to say, thank you for our kindness.

They travelled from Karatu in a box with air holes and my phone number. You can guess my surprise when I was summoned to the bus station to collect the box.

So here we are …a few weeks in and I would like to introduce you to all Harriet and Alan, the GCF feathered friends.








They have settled well and in the “nest” you will spy their 3rd egg. Its desperate times all over the World but we are so lucky to have the unwavering support of the Foundation.

In Tanzania we have been able to continue rolling out projects, support students in school and help out when we are asked.

Thank you to every single person who travelled with Overseas Adventure Travel as through your donations, we get to keep giving back to the world you used to travel in……and we cannot wait for you all to come back.