We have partnered with Maasai Chief Lobulo in Tarangire, Tanzania for many years now. He recently had a meeting with the Kibauni community leaders, who requested a decent toilet be built and run as a small community business to generate income. The leaders donated some prime land to Grand Circle Foundation, who in return agreed to build a toilet block 100 yards from the main road and right near the bus stand.

It hasn’t been easy. Midway through the build, our contractor abandoned the project. However, Chief Lobulo stepped in and rose to the challenge, doubling as our contractor and watchman over the site and the build. I am eternally grateful to the Chief, and due to his diligence we only went slightly over our initial budget.

The community leaders have set up the facility as a small community business, charging the community 300 Tanzanian shillings (about $0.13 U.S.) to use the facilities and $1 U.S. to tourists.

The revenue will pay for a full-time cleaner, soap, and the pumping and carrying of water for hand washing and flushing.

We look forward to empowering this small business and wish it the very best. When you’re traveling with O.A.T. in Tanzania, you can take advantage of these new, sanitary facilities while contributing to the success of this project and the community.

Thank you to all our travelers who donated to Grand Circle Foundation and made this project possible.