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Our Mission

Grand Circle Foundation will help change people's lives in the world we travel and where we live and work.
To this end, we are committed to:

- Identifying and developing strong gutsy leaders who create social change and economic opportunity
through their courage, passion, example, unbridled energy, and vision

- Listening to and partnering with strong gutsy leaders in the villages where we travel, live, and work
to create jobs, improve school performance, support small businesses,
and promote the health and safety of citizens

- Bringing together in dialogue and action our associates, travelers, travel partners, and gutsy leaders
around a shared set of values and goals to create change

For the leaders we develop, the villages we support, and the travelers who join us on the road,
at Grand Circle Foundation, we are traveling for change.


Dear Friend,

To be welcomed into another culture is an incredible gift—one that we've received time and time again in our own travels. By reaching out and connecting with communities around the world, we learn to appreciate firsthand not only our diversity, but our commonality ... and the understanding we gain can be life-changing.

We owe our success to this focus on cultural exchange—which is why in 1992, we established Grand Circle Foundation as a means to give back to the world that had already given us so much. Since then, we've pledged or donated more than $91 million worldwide to support the education of young people and the preservation of cultural treasures and traditions.

Harriet & Alan Lewis in Egypt

Of course, none of this would be possible without help. We are blessed with the support of a pantheon of gutsy leaders—both around the world and in our own community. We look for their guidance in choosing the projects that will have the most impact where we live, work, and travel.

We are also indebted to our travelers. We donate an annually determined amount of the costs of every trip toward the work of Grand Circle Foundation—so just as our travelers' lives will be enriched by the discoveries they'll make on their journeys, they'll also help to enrich the lives of the people they'll meet along the way. Many travelers are so inspired by the Grand Circle Foundation sites they visit, they're compelled to make personal donations upon returning home.

This website is a celebration of the work we've done together.  We'll be adding more stories about the outstanding commitment of our generous travelers ... the gutsy leaders who inspire us ... our community service events both at home and abroad ... the villages around the world that the Foundation supports ... and so much more. We encourage you to come visit us often.

Thank you for supporting Grand Circle Foundation. Together, we are helping to change people's lives.

Love and peace,

Harriet & Alan

P.S. Has your experience with Grand Circle Foundation changed your life? We hope you'll tell us your story and send us your photos.