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Total donated in Nepal: $39,311
Partner since: 1999

"It was eye-opening to see how the government schools function in small towns, with many children not starting school until 8 or 9 and many students leaving before finishing lower secondary school…. We support the work you are doing with schools throughout the world."

Ahlene & David Welsh
Claremont, California

Laxmi Primary School

We've been supporting the community of Tomejhong since early 2009, and we're looking forward to having a lasting impact on the lives of the 30 students who attend the Laxmi School. It has only been the last five decades that ordinary Nepali children were able to enjoy schooling as a result of the popular democratic uprising that ended the rule of the royal family. Today, five million students fill more than 20,000 schools in Nepal (from elementary schools to universities), and many of the more remote schools operate with very limited resources.

So far we've funded the building of a new classroom, and furnished it with benches for the students at the Laxmi School. We've also improved the school plumbing by adding a toilet, running water, a water pipeline and a reserve tank.

School in session:

Early January through early May; early July through late December

Gifts to bring if you're visiting:

  • Sports equipment, such as deflated soccer or basketballs 
  • Educational books with pictures for the school library 
  • Maps of the world and U.S. 
  • Games that are both educational and fun 
  • Board games for playing indoors 
  • Crayons 
  • Coloring books 
  • Pads of drawing paper